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Client Appreciation: Vividpour's Memorable Día de Muertos Wedding

Las Vegas is a city with a lot of events happening every day, but one of the most memorable ones was the #DíadeMuertos themed wedding that marked the beginning of Vividpour, an event service company that offers food, beverage, and music for all types of events.

This week, the happy couple celebrates their 4th anniversary and is our focus for this week's client appreciation post.

Wedding Couple
Ian and David

They approached #Vividpour with a unique twist for their special day. They wanted to pay homage to their Mexican heritage and chose the #DíadeMuertos theme. Everything was set, the venue, food, beverage, and decor. Then one week before the event the couple contact us upset, in tears, and fearful their special day was not going to come. The original venue not only cancelled after their final payment but the event was less than a week away!

Time is ticking, few open venues and very little funding to work with Vividpour came through. With David being a veteran one of the local halls were available at a decent rate. Now to turn this into their dream weeding.

American Legion Post 8 Las Vegas
American Legion Post 8 Las Vegas

With the new place in hand and the wedding day is here, it took all hands on deck to transform the space into the couples dream weeding. Honoring the traditions of #DíadeMuertos, the Ofrendar is the offering area where the couples past loved ones were honored.


After the wedding, the couple received many compliments on the quality service Vividpour offers and helped to make their special day a success.

In conclusion, the Día de Muertos themed wedding was not only a celebration of love but also the start of a successful business that has brought joy and entertainment to many events in Las Vegas.

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