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Rocking the Neighborhood: A Recap of Our DJ Service at the Trunk-n-Treat Event

What do you get when you mix Halloween music, spooky costumes, and fog machines? A #trunkntreat event that's sure to be a scream! #Nightwaves, Vividpour's music division, provided DJ services for children and their families at a recent elementary school event. And let me tell you, it was a howling good time!

For three hours, the kids danced like little witches, scary monsters, and ghosts to the beat of the Halloween music. The fog machines added an extra level of excitement as the little ones tried to capture it in the light. It was like they were in their very own haunted house!

Fog for the win!

But it wasn't just the music and fog that made the evening so fun. The costumes were out of this world! From adorable pumpkins to spooky skeletons, the kids really brought their A-game. And let's not forget about the parents - they got in on the fun too!

Overall, the trunk-n-treat event was a great way to celebrate Halloween. The music, costumes, and fog created an atmosphere that was both spooky and festive. And with Nightwaves providing the tunes, the party was a guaranteed hit!

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